Mr G. O'Connell - London

The Christmas pudding was exceptional, a delicious way to finish a special meal , or you could go for the simpler quote of "mmmmmm!"

Mr & Mrs Lawrence - Hampshire

Sticky Toffee Pudding - The cake was not too sweet and was moist in texture. The topping was an intense flavour and very sweet, together I thought this married very well and seemed to create a perfect balance.  It was perfect for someone like me who does not want to eat a large amount of pudding, but just needs a sweet hit.

Christmas Pudding- WOW - really lovely. Very light, which is exactly what you want after a Christmas lunch. I thought the flavours worked well  together we really loved this!

Master J Lawrence - Hampshire

Apple Crumble - Epic!

Miss J Johnson - Bristol

The Ginger Whisper cookies were  delicious!! They were really fantastic. Thank you. They didn't last long at all. The ingredients worked very well together and the portions were exceptionally generous. 

Miss M Brown - Fareham

Lemon Drizzle, Sticky Toffee & Christmas Puddings - YUM is all I can say about your puddings!

Mrs Rachel Pryce - Bristol

Friends should check out "Potty for Puds" if you are looking for a real yummy treat to send in the post that is rather special).

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A Passion for Puddings

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